The following is a partial list of possible Catholic Homeschool Curricula.  This is an excerpt from the Beginners Guide noted at the bottom of this page.CATHOLIC CURRICULA

Our Lady of the Rosary School
Our Lady of the Rosary provides a complete curriculum program for pre-kindergarten through grade twelve.  Catholic materials are used predominately.  Weekly lesson plans, quarterly exams, teachers on call, counseling, cumulative record of grades, transcripts, and diplomas are provided.  Teacher services include grading of quarterly exams, book reports, major papers, and creative work.  All texts, teacher’s manuals, workbooks are included in the program.  Placement testing and standardized achievement testing is available. Single course enrollment is permitted.   A family discount is offered when more than one child is enrolled.  Books may be kept until the whole family has used them. Curriculum materials may be purchased without enrolling in a program.

Seton Home Study Program
Seton Home Study Program provides a complete curriculum with daily lesson plans.  All tests and quarterly exams, teachers on call, counseling, cumulative recording of grades, transcripts and diplomas are included.  Teacher services likewise include grading of major tests and quarterly exams, book reports, major papers, and creative work.  All texts, teacher’s manuals, workbooks are provided.   Placement testing and standardized achievement testing is also available.  A tuition prepayment discount is offered as well as a payment plan and a family discount when more than one child is enrolled.  Seton is a highly academic, college prep program.  Excellent Catholic materials are utilized, many of   which are produced by Seton itself. Some books must be returned every year unless other arrangements have been made.  Special needs teachers and programs are available.  Curriculum materials may be purchased without enrolling in a program.

Mother of Divine Grace
Mother of Divine Grace offers a consultation service to help parents develop a classical, Catholic curriculum for each individual child in the family from grades one through twelve.  Director Laura Berquist is the author of Designing Your Own Classical Curriculm.  Enrollment in the basic program provides parents with three consultation periods with director Mrs. Berquist or her assistants.  The initial consultation period is devoted to the selection of the curriculum for each child.  Adjustments in the curriculum and some analysis of each student’s work is done in the second consultation.  Evaluation of the year and curriculum planning for the next year is done in the third consultation.  Additional consultation time with teacher is available as needed.   Syllabi with day-by-day lessons plans are available at an extra charge.  Parents are advised about sources for purchasing books. Also available at an extra charge is the Teacher Assisted Program, which allows for student-teacher interaction, and the special needs program for children with learning disabilities.

Our Lady of Victory
Our Lady of Victory provides a complete Catholic curriculum for kindergarten through grade twelve. Three options are offered. 1. The full enrollment program provides, lesson plans, answer keys, tests, tutor service, report cards, honor roll, diplomas and graduation ceremony.  Records are kept, quarterly progress reports and report cards are issued.  Books are purchased in addition to the above fees.  2.  The satellite program offers lesson plans, answer keys, and tests but does not include textbooks.  Parents assume responsibility of correcting assignments, issuing grades, and keeping records.  3.  The last option is purchasing of books only. Our Lady of Victory offers a traditional religion program and encourages only the Latin Tridentine Mass.

Kolbe Academy Home School
Kolbe Academy offers a Catholic and classical home school program for grades one through twelve.  Kolbe provides syllabi and weekly course plans, assistance from proctors, books for all courses, quarterly inspection of work, and examinations with parental reports provided.  Retention of students’ cumulative folder, report cards, transcripts, diplomas, and assessment and achievement testing are also provided.  Parents adapt weekly course plans to day-to-day work and are responsible for preparing and grading of tests and papers, although detailed reports on student work is available on request.  The works of great authors upon which western civilization is based form the foundation for the high school curriculum.  A family discount for additional students enrolled is provided.  Books are purchased separately.

Regina Coeli offers classical education with on line high school classes.
Regina Coeli Academy (RCA) is the first all online home schooling program for Roman Catholics. Our highly qualified faculty provides academic motivation and evaluation of home school student achievement through a Liberal Arts program for Catholic home schooling families and students in private schools desiring to supplement their studies via a classical Catholic home schooling program. The academy’s theology program,  guides home school students through the Church’s teaching in a four year sequence based on the Universal Catechism of the Catholic Church.
The Academy’s mission is to support, but not to supplant, the homeschool parent as primary educator by providing a rigorous college preparatory and classical homeschool curriculum which challenges the intellect and nourishes the spirit with the riches of the Catholic tradition. Our homeschool curriculum contains both live interactive courses as well as self-directed study courses hence allowing structure but also flexiblity as sometimes needed for the homeschool student.



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